About Me

                                                           I live a simple life with simple formulas.........

I have real friends and real conversations. I keep my circle close knit and secure rather than blab away to people who couldnt care less if i failed or succeded. many people think im aloof, anti-social and indifferent to a life of hidonistic highs. the truth is i just dont find it fun. loud clubs, smokey rooms are torture to me rather than pleasure. when i see a vision in my head and i want to make it tangible, something real to the senses. to hold it in my hands and feel my dreams come into reality. trust me, it is one of the amazing feelings.
I was fortunate enough to be born with 10 fingers, 10 toes, straight teeth. i used to hate the way i looked, but later on i realized that i would never have any other outer shell.
I have never been a victim or bullied. bottom line is, a bully will only bully you if you let them. you will only be the victim if you play the part. Life is hard but challenges are there for a reason.
My family has been my source of inspiration and strength and without them i would be no where near as half as I am today.

Let's be friends,


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