Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How to have a good relationship with your love

Home, sweet home is the abode of all starting points in life. It is the place where relations and emotions find most expressions. It becomes a happy home when the mates living under the single roof have a cordial relationship with each other. The rapport you maintain with your spouse reflects in your personality, in your children, and in your home. It brings in a healthy environment for you and your siblings to enjoy life. But in this modern world we find that most couples find it difficult to maintain the bond. Here are ten tips to iron out the differences, sustain the affiliation and lead a cheerful life.

Ø First and foremost you must begin to accept your spouse as he or she is physically and mentally. Your spouse may not be tall or have the sense of humor or have a lot of healthy habits but may be good in many other things. Look at the positive side and be happy with him or her.

Ø Appreciation has its effect on every human being. It is the motivating factor for a human personality. So be honest and give sincere appreciation whenever your spouse deserves it. Don’t procrastinate or be stingy with your words.

Ø If you have done something wrong knowingly or unknowingly admit it. Don’t try to reason out when your spouse points out and drag it on.
Ø Go hand in hand with your spouse in your life. Share your joys and sorrows however small they may be. There should be transparency in your relationship. Never hide a fact, thinking of imagined consequences.

Ø Initially there may be two of you in a home. But as the family grows you will have more members to share your time. But make it a point to have a special time with your spouse as and when the time permits. This will strengthen the bondage.

Ø Life has its ups and downs and its peaks and valleys. No one is always up or down all the time. Your spouse may go through a bad patch but you should be the pillar of support. Problems do come to an end. Give a helping hand to your spouse with patience till the problem crosses over.

Ø Clashes of opinion do happen and quarrels do occur, as we tend to loose temper in the spur of the moment. But see that you don’t carry it to the next day.

Ø Love is the undercurrent of life. When you follow a give and take policy in love as a spouse, then it becomes a commodity. Give unconditional love. There lies the secret of enjoyment. When you give without expectation it returns in manifolds.

Experience is the good teacher. Be in the present. We are not going to inherit anything knew because we have already inherited the greatest gift, which is our life. Live it. Live it with passion and intensity. By living your life every moment you observe the happenings and know the nuances of you r spouse. Create a rapport to sustain the relationship. Be with him or her and live life to the hilt.

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