Friday, July 13, 2007

Most People have only one Shadow

I have a second shadow.
Her name is Dada.
She's my adopted siamese cat. She follows me wherever i go around the house, to my room all the way to the bathroom and to the kitchen. When i run, she run, when i stop, she stop, when i sit, she sits beside me, and when i face the mirror, she also does. She sleep in my room and claim my pillow as her own. When she's up, she never jump out of the bed until she saw me awake. Who would have thought that this creature will be this close to me. After losing Taffy, i never thought that i could love another pet again as much as i have loved Taffy.

By the way, it's exactly a year now since Dada came into my life =)

Parang kelan lang when i saw her two big crystal eyes. It was love at first sight. Totoo nga talaga yung sabi nila na when you love a pet, you learn how to love uncontionally.

Anyway, heto po ang bida =)

fave nyang higaan ngayon ang paper bag. magaling! magaling! magaling!

i really love her two big eyes

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  1. i'm sooooooo jealous! she's a beaut <3