Tuesday, July 17, 2007

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Everyone should have a list of his or her favorite thing that make him/her happy. In this chaotic world, we all need our own share of things that keep us smiling and sane =)

1. Thinking of how God has been so good to me is definitely a favorite thought of mine. During times that things dont really go my way, i just think of all the blessings that i have received. Sometimes i even think that i dont deserve this much but God is just so good all the time. It just inspires me to do more and be better, using everything God has given me.

2. Spending time with my family and friends. They're the best!

3. Playing with my pet Dada. Though she's so makulit and masungit, i really enjoy her company.

4. The dream of traveling -- before i die, i would like to see France, for the culture, the people, the tourist spots, and just to walk through the street.

5. Browsing the internet -- this is my other way to communicate with my old friends, meeting new friends, discovering things, and it truly connects me to the world.

6. Listening to music -- im a 100% music lover and i could'nt live without it.

7. Watching movie -- i always say "so many movies, so little time".

"these are a few of my favorite things, and then i dont feel so bad..=)"

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