Thursday, August 16, 2007

Im Not a Writer

I am not a writer. Yes, I have ideas in mind...I have funny stories to tell...I have big dreams to share but everytime I start composing an entry, things become blur so I end up talking to myself "what's the point?"Have you ever felt that kind of feeling that you really really want to write something and you can't, because you don't know exactly where to start? Or that funny feeling that you thought you made up a great entry then found out that it's all grammatically wrong? Or when you start writing and ideas are pouring in, your boss calls for an emergency meeting?I wished writing comes naturally to me like dancing or singing. When I was younger, I used to write poems and I love to write mails. I really thought that I would grow up to be a writer or an editor of a newspaper. But I became a psychologist...more on talking. God is truly smart. He knows I won't be able to do things better through writing so He gave me something that He knows and I know I'm good at. That's why despite the fact that I still want to compose and write short stories, I don't really feel bad that I can't write well because I know I am not a writer .

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  1. Hello Roselle,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I appreciate it a lot.

    I like your blog :)

    I'm not a writer too although I've always wanted to be one, but who cares as long as we are comfortable in writing down our emotions I think that's okay.

    God bless!