Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You and Him...and Me

Funny they say how things will turn out
That strangers share something in common, no doubt
That you have the guy who'll make you his wife
And i have him too, the love of my life.

You're with him in the day,
I'm with him at night
He kisses you more but he hold me so tight.
You laugh, you cry, he shares all things with you,
But how ironic it is, we do those things too.

You hold his left, I'm holding his right
We both feel empty when he's out of sight
You do things naturally without an effort or two
I do everything just to compete with you

Yet it boils down to one fact, you see
That with this case it's not fair for me
You have an edge though you dont think it seems,
Because you have him for real...and i only have him in dreams.


  1. what a tragically beautiful poem.
    it sucks wanting something you can't have. i feel your pain. infidelity is a very upsetting topic but it's different when you're the other woman, isn't it? i've never been "the other woman" persay.. but i have been in the position where i've shared an attraction with someone in a relationship.. but that's as far as it went. it is very frustrating i must say.

  2. hi kitty nice to have u here again =) well, this poem is actually one of my favorites =)