Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our angel from heaven

My nephew, Ace....

he loves staring at me =)


  1. wow! what a blessing in ur family! how adorable he is...ACE!

    msuta na?... got new post pla..

    since mahilig ka sa mga photos im wondering kung like mo to join sa WEEKEND SNAPSHOTS! kung interesado ka..drop to my blog theres all the information how to join...


  2. cute baby!

  3. ang cute naman ng pamangkin mo, selle.. ^_^

    Merry Christmas!!

    eto nga pala gift ko sau..


  4. Hi Selle, how are u?
    I'm so sorry, being very busy that make me late reply.

    I can't post my Xmas tree pic this year, I lost the files :(

    But I saw yours & it's very pretty 2 :)

    Selle, t date will be on May 3rd.
    Really wish u can be here, not b'coz I'll have a profesional free wedding singer, but b'coz I'd like to have to dear friend near me on my day.

    Ace looks very cute.
    U rite about the present, God really good ya? :)

    I'll have 2nd nephew about June.
    Wish he'll be as cute as your Ace.

    Selle, pls do take care, I pray to God so He'll keep u always in His arm.

    Send my regards to your fams ya, especially to your Mom & Ace.