Saturday, February 09, 2008

Balik tanaw.....

At first, i didnt want to be a Psychologist. Due to some circumstances which was inevitable, i had no other choice but to pursue such career. Along the road, little by little, i had managed to appreciate my course. Maybe such appreciation was due to the fact that it helped me find my way and understand myself more, and also because of the friends that i met in that gloomy, warehouselike school called GAUF (now DLSAU). Friendship that was subjected to such punishment like when we met our first psychology professor Mrs. de Vera. I could still imagine how irritating she was...ei batchmates you know what im talking about =).My experience as a student was very challenging but i enjoyed it and i really missed those days...groupdynamics, neck-breaking exams...hehe!, brain boosting psych tests, OJT, seminars, school activities, boring foundation day, senti moments and tambay days in our cubicle, how many times we came late to our classes...we live the same typical "estudyante blues" scenario. I could still remember how often we submerged ourselves in a flood just to be at school. We all had one goal in mind and that was to finish college and pursue whatever God have planned for us.

my batchmates =)

one of my tambay days way back in college =)
It had been five years since i landed in this profession and i can say that being a psychologist is a noble one. Now i am teaching in a private institution for special children and currently runs a private practice. During the past years of my life, i can say that i've learned alot...lessons from my mistakes, lessons from my everyday life...and im still learning. Though sometimes i've learned my lessons in a hard way but what important is, i learned.To all my friends, live each day as if it will be the last and always carry the lessons from the past. Time and tide will not wait for any man. Try to explore every opportunity that will come across. Always remember that the barometer of success is not the money you earn but the happiness we attain in life. May God guide us to our endeavors in life...