Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Few months ago i got hired on a chinese owned company in Malabon as a Human Resource Personnel. That's my dream job actually but when i got there, things didnt turn out the way i expected but i learned alot...and i also learned that, that position in that particular company isnt right for me. I just missed those people who touches my heart even in just a short period of time....

Anyway, here are my souvenir pix during my last day in the office and few days before my operation.

(L-R: Beth, Roselle, Bing, Jean and Mam Mariese)

(L-R: Amarante, Mam Mariese, Sir Vinson, Mam Lolit, Beth, Roselle, Bing and Jean)


  1. wow! ur back! =)
    nice to hear from you again roselle! ;)

  2. inoperahan ka? saan, anong nangyari??

    im just glad u r back. :)

  3. nodes was removed from my neck. but im fine na...back from the business again :)