Monday, September 10, 2012

Long Overdue Baguio Trip

My group Manila Wedding Singers, together with my mom headed up-north to attend my cousin's wedding last January 21, 2012. We stayed there for 2 days. The  first day was the wedding where my cousins and I reunited after a very long years of not seeing each other. Then a day after the wedding was a whole day of fun walking, sight seeing, picture taking and fx taxi ride :). Here are some of my favorite photos from our long overdue Baguio trip.

View from the balcony of our home stay

Lazy heads! 

with my sister Rhea who happens to be a member of MWS too! :)

In front of the house where we stayed. Picture taking before leaving :)

First stop: Baguio Cathedral. 
 Located at Cathedral Loop, adjacent to Session Road. It is distinct for its rose-colored exterior, twin spires and traditional stained glass windows make it famous and is one of the most photographed iconic buildings in Baguio City. It served as an evacuation center during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II.


If you've been in Baguio, I'm sure you already knew where exactly in Baguio I was! :) Yes! That was at the Mines View Park where you'll be welcomed by this famous and so adorable St.Bernard named Douglas :)

and one of the funny and awesome things that Mines View Park will offer you is they will let you experience to wear their native clothing "the Igorot costume" 

Behind me are the different native products of Baguio. All of them are made of rattan, woven furniture and sculptured wooden materials, hand-made by their natives. You can buy them at their cheapest price.

Baguio is known by its beautiful fresh flowers and sculptured wooden products.

The famous Mines View overlooking

At the Mansion House
It is the official summer residence of the president of the Philippines.
You can read The Mansion's history here

Goofing around the Mansion :)
with Rhea, Ben and kuya Joven


 Camp John Hay 

Mom loves the cute flowers :)

Breath taking view inside PMA


                          with sister                     cousins Melanie and Ray                  with mom :)


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Wow Baguio! I wanna go there too! :)- Shane :)

  2. Looks like an excellent time - and I'm in love with Douglas!

  3. Hi... done followed u. ur GFC profile doesn't have photo.

    thanx :)

  4. Hi Lisa, thanks for taking time to visit my blog :)Yes it was an excellent time, and cant get over with Douglas! :) Thanks again :)

  5. Wow! Nice blog Selle! Keep it up! Pictures are great :)

  6. Kay lamig sa Baguio. Sarap maggala.
    Hello, napadaan lang..Nakita ko ang link mula sa Blogs ng Pinoy.

  7. Hello Ric! :) salamat sa pagdaan :)
    I just followed your blog :) I'll post your badge here ha, we swap badges if you want :) Many thanks! :)

  8. Nakakamiss ang Baguio! Halos lahat ng nasa pics napuntahan ko na. Haay.

    1. Im also looking forward to go back there, hindi nakakasawa :)