Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sad August

I know  this actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but since I just got back to blog, I wont miss this chance to share this nightmare that happened to my country. Last August 7, Philippines went to a depressing moment under the terror of the endless rain due to southwest monsoon or Habagat.  Numerous lives have ended, many tears have been shed to the lost homes and countless families have been affected. I hate the feeling of this. Although, I am not a first-hand victim of the flood, it aches me to see my country this way. 

Habagat Aftermath

People were forced to leave their houses

Rescuers dig through the mud in search for survivors in landslide. 

People at the evacuation site

In spite of what happened, there are some scenes that made me proud of being a Filipino :)

Fortunate kababayans reached their hands to help the flood victims.

And here's another reason to smile...

for better or for worse eh? :)

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