Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's summer time once again...more time for family and fun on the beach! I remember April last year when i had the greatest vacation of my life (so far) =) Me and my mom together with my lolo, cousins, my tito's and tita's went to their hometown in Eastern, Samar. It was so memorable because it's been so many years since they saw their humble barrio and i saw real happiness on my mom's face. There, i got the chance to meet my other relatives for the first time and they welcomed us with full of kindness and excitement. I really felt happy because at last i saw the place where my mom grew up. I even saw her school when she was in elementary just a few steps away from their house. Too bad because their house looks like an abandoned one since my grandparents left the barrio to live with us in Manila a couple of years ago. So for us to be comftable, we stayed in the house of one of our relatives there.

Here's some of our pics:

at the sea shore

my mom (sitted on the left side) with our reatives and kababayans

with my cousin Ethel (wearing a hut)
and relatives


The province of

Eastern Samar lies on Samar Island, the second largest island in the "Visayas" (all the islands in the middle of the Philippine archipelago between Luzon to the north and Mindanao to the south). The island is devided into three provinces: Samar ( previously Western Samar), Northern Samar and Eastern Samar. Together with the provinces Leyte, Southern Leyte and Biliran they form the region known as the "Eastern Visayas".
This incredible, tropical paradise, off the beaten tourist track, is rarely visited by international and local tourists. The more adventurous and nature-loving travellers can discover their own special tropical sanctuary and explore its wonderful beaches, jungles, rivers and waterfalls.
The island of Samar has the largest remaining unfragmented tracts of lowland tropical rainforests in the Philippines. In these dense jungle, some endangered animals are found, among them, are the Philippine Eagle (the second largest eagle in the world), the Philippine Cockatoo, the Tarsier (usually only known in Bohol), and the Flying Lemur. Aside from these species plentiful flying foxes, bats, different birds, (hornbills, peasants, kingfishers and others) reptiles, amphibians and insects (including many beautiful species of butterflies) can be found.

One can explore the rainforests by taking a local boatride up one of the several rivers or hike on slowly rising trails following the river to one of the waterfalls. In such areas, large cave systems await your discovery and can be explored by the more daring travelers with the proper lights and ropes. And undeveloped beaches abound when you feel like relaxing or taking a break from your more vigorous adventures.

Eastern Samar is a perfect place as a "ecotourism" destination and for those of you who prefer a guide the local Filipinos are more than happy to guide you for minimal daily fees. Unfortunately, the authorities hardly show any organized effort to promote Eastern Samar as a destination for ecotourism and share its beauty with the rest of the world. That's why I decided to create this entry and share Eastern Samar 's natural wonders with travelers from around the world. If you are planning a trip to the Philippines looking for more undeveloped, natural destinations without organized tourist infrastructure include Eastern Samar in your itinerary. A fantastic experience awaits you and promises to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime and a trip well worth your extra efforts!

After our vacation, now I can proudly say that Samar is my mother's homeland. With good and friendly people living there, and a very captivating place that surely you'll love too. Well im still dreaming of comming back to that place again hopefully with my complete family and close friends.

the most beautiful skyline I've ever seen

me, leaving my mark on that beautiful island

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