Monday, May 15, 2006



Mothers have been regarded as the most influential women in one's life. The kind of extreme devotion and appreciation they have for their kids could never be equaled by anybody. So this Mother's Day. children pay their humblest tribute to their mothers as the way of thanking them for providing the best of care and unconditional love...

To the woman who taught me how to take my first step, utter my first word, eat my first food, hold my first toy, sing my first song, perfect my first quiz, appreciate my first pet, dance my first dance, face my first fall, value my first penny, welcome my first achievement, carry my first load, understand my first confusion, conquer my first fear, accept my first defeat, believe in my first faith, recognize my first strengths and weaknesses, admit my first mistakes, love my first and only life...I love you Ma...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

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