Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dog Are Man's Bestfriend

My family would'nt be completely happy without these cutie creatures running around our house. They cheerus up, they made us laugh and they even helped us realize that despite of all the problems, there's always a reason to smile =) Though sometimes they are so annoying because of their being "makulit", it feels like there's a little children running around that leads my mom to pity herself of still not having a grandchildren at her age =)...(ow! mom, you're still young =) Well, to pay them back, we make sure that we are giving them proper care and love.
Here they are anyway:

7month-old pups
half poodle and half maltese

and this is their mommy TANYA, a pure bred poodle. i don't kn0w how old is she co'z she was only given to me by my veterinarian bestfriend last year and until now i don't have her records yet.

PS. look what they did to my fave slipper =)

CLICK HERE to view more pictures

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