Monday, July 31, 2006


My lolo has just celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday. Thank God lolo remains healthy as he reached that age. We had a simple celebration at my aunt's house, although we are not complete, i know we made him happy. By the way he's the father of my mom. I'm not a lolo's girl but now, im dreaming to be one. Maybe because he is the only grandparent i have now, since my lola (mom of my dad) passed away just a few weeks ago. Since then, i'd learned to appreciate him more...the way he smiles at me, the way he kisses me on my cheek. Before, i really hate being kissed by him because of his oily face =)...but infairness i love sitting on his lap....and one thing i really love about my lolo is when he found out that his wrist watch is late, there's only one person that comes in his mind to correct! =)
we love you

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