Thursday, September 06, 2007


It can give you a jolt but some experts warn about having too much. Here’s the deal:

HIGHS – Studies show some caffeine can enhance performance by keeping you alert, perking up your mood and recharging your brain.

LOWS – Too much caffeine can decrease your performance.

At least one student has overdosed on caffeine pills (200mg each) and died.


A caffeine boost: If you’re not used to caffeine, be careful. Each person tolerates different amounts. Start with low dosage, like one diet soda (40 mg) or a 6 oz. cup of black tea (50mg).

A natural boost: Eat a balance of whole grains and proteins for energy while maintaining your blood sugar to avoid crashing. When you get tired, take three to five-minute cardio breaks to send blood to your brain and reenergize you.

source: Bennett Alan Weinberg and Bonnie Bealer

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