Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Current Thought

"i don't want to live my life in fear....."


  1. bakit? ano ba fear mo? ako kasi, greatest fear ko is not knowing what to expect in the future.. di mo kasi alam kung ano bang pwedeng mangyari..

    basta live your life one day at a time.. :) enjoy mo lang buhay mo... ^_^

  2. it looks like karmi and i got the same kind of fear, pero i'm more afraid of moving forward... it's true that most of us don't want to live in fear, but it depends on what kind of fear it is.. hope you'll be able to overcome it :)

  3. Hi Claire and Karmi salamat po sa comment =) well, i just felt sad and worried lately about my present situation, contrary on what you have fear more afraid on my present than my on future. i just hope that ill be able to handle things well despite of all the fears. thanks to you =) hope to see you here more often =)