Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Open letter to Heaven

dear God,

I know inspite of all that's happening to me, i know you never left my side and i am always showered with your undying love and you're always there to forgive me and catch me everytime i fall. Lord, just let me know the purpose of all my struggles. I know, there's always a reason behind all those fears and tears that i shed. May you give me wisdom to understand the things i cannot change...give me strength that will push me to go on and never give up the fight...help me find my way...you know how much i strive. I dont really want to give up...i dont want to live this kind of life forever. Please take away all my fears, my anger, my sorrow and heal my mind and touch my heart. Lord, help me live my life worth living...make me an instrument to inspire others so that i could bring back to you all the glory.


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