Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For my blog friends

I've been very busy lately (sa pag-aalaga ng pamangkin) I just want to say thanks to all the bloggers who made my blog world more meaningful =)

I want to share this cute kitty to Ingrid, Wena, Ross, Parisukat, Karmi, Vera, Vanny, Marie, and Lira. Thanks to you guys. God less you all!


  1. hey roselle...

    maraming salamat and u appriciate VERA sa blogworld... na nag bibigay buhay sa blog mo...thank you so much...

    ...same as here, busy bee ang mode ko dahil busy sa trabaho evening shift kc ako then in the morning nag babantay ng pinsan ko...hirap ano?...kaya nga hndi na ako madalas nakakabisita iyo.sa inyung lahat na mga blogmates ko...anyways, maraming salamat!

    merry christmas!

  2. karmi9:02 AM

    hi ganda.. :)

    thank you sa cute na cute na pusa for me.. ^_^ thank you din for always visiting my blog kahit na i know you are busy and thank you for being my blogfriend.. :)


    Merry Christmas... mwah!

  3. maraming salamat po sa badge! kyut kyut ni mingming.. :D

  4. Wena and Wafa5:26 AM

    tosha ... appreciate this badge so much. ingatz po lagi

  5. wow, a big big thanks! salamat rin for making mine more meaningful. :) *hugs*

  6. hi roselle! thanks for passing this tag to me... i appreaciate it much sistah.. i understand bakit busy ikaw, ako din eh busy rin these days... ganyan talaga buhay natin minsan pressured, minsan calm...hehehe... good day!

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