Monday, January 14, 2008

A Thankful New Year

I really missed blogging. This past few weeks i seldom visit the internet. I have so many things on my mind, i have many stories to share but i dont know how to start. Nabablangko na naman ako. hindi na tuloy ako updated sa mga kwento ng aking fave karmi, sis vera, ross and wena. i miss their stories =(. But im thankful enough they're still around always visiting. Thanks blog friends =)

By the way i just want to update you guys kase antagal kong nawala...well ok naman ang pasok ng new year sken, i can still feel the over flowing blessings that I and my family received =) We started out our new year with a big but humble celebration of my nephew's christening =). We were all happy and excited kase first time namin maghanda para sa ganong event, since Ace is the first baby of the family. I thank God kase naidaos namin ang event ng maayos =)

Happy Nude rear =) myspace graphic comments


  1. happy nude rear! hahaha

    how are u? ...buti nman at nadalaw kna sa akin... tagal krin di nag paramfdama h.. hope ur doing fine! btw, i tag u! check my post! ingats jan!

  2. Hi roselle!

    Happy New Year to you too!


  3. hi ganda. Happy New YOU!!! ^_^

    bc ba? hehehe, tagal mo kasing walang update eh...

    basta ingatz na lang lagi ok? ^_^