Friday, May 29, 2009

Frolicky Fairy Fun

Around April this year, I met a little girl named Kaira. Kaira's got the makings of a child-star: wide-eyes, ultimate mega-watt smile, outgoing personality, talented, very smart, and very much into twinkly magic.

At that time, our classes were temporarily situated in a living room, while the "real school" was being renovated. I was flouncing around while my Level 3 students created their works and would pass by the Level 2 table -- which wasn't so difficult since it was about 5 steps away from Level 3. So I'd wave at the Level 2 kids from time to time or make a face at Teacher Linny while she taught.

After awhile, I heard someone ask Teacher Linny, "What's her name again?" Teacher Linny replies, "Teacher Roselle." At that point, I turned around and said, "But you can call me Teacher Fairy!" All the girls giggled, including Kaira, who covered her mouth to suppress her laughter.

"Why 'Teacher Fairy'?", she asked.

"That's cause I have wings", I said matter-of-factly, my face turned up high.

"Really? I don't see any wings!"

"They come out at night...when no one's around."

And with the next slew of giggles, I smiled smugly, turned around with flourish, and went back to my Level 3 class.

Days later, I would receive letters and drawings or poems all addressed to or about Teacher Fairy. The drawings would include a female figure with curly wings, a gown, a wand, and a crown. And all the Level 2 students suddenly started calling me Teacher Fairy.

I have been transformed into a winged creature! (Tell me: how cool is that?!)

Even until last week, Teacher Linny tells me over lunch: "Teacher Fairy! I have a special delivery!" It was another drawing of Teacher Fairy. By then I had decided that I should reciprocate. Perfect timing: Kaira's birthday had just passed. And, albeit a day late, I could send her a secret birthday present.

I blew up a purple birthday balloon. Then, I strung some beads on string and tied it around the balloon. Then I made a colorful card. The front read: Dear Kaira, Belated Happy Birthday! Thank you for your pretty drawings! Here's a little something for you. An arrow pointed to the inside of the card, in which I taped two white feathers* and wrote: It fell from my wings!

I had Teacher Fran wear my colorful scuba headgear (made out of papier mache), barge in the Level 2 class, and deliver my surprise gift.

It's fun pretending I could fly. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*You might argue that fairies don't have feathery wings. But who cares??

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  1. di kaya maging adik yung mga bata paglaki nila sa drama mo madame? hahaha. kidding. nice work here. =)